KTB takes your privacy very seriously. If you believe that your privacy or publicity rights have been violated by information or material that is accessible on this site, you may notify at shrey27@yahoo.com. After verifying your authority, any copyrighted/violated material/images will be removed immediately.

Note: If you see a mistake in our database, please LET US KNOW.


4 thoughts on “Disclaimer

  1. Hi
    Apparently there is a piece of artwork on your site which has the 100 most famous people. Could you kindly give me the title of the painting and the artist who painted it?

  2. A Little Late Reply But Here It Is.

    The painting is titled “Discussing the Divine Comedy with Dante” by Dai Dudu.

    It contains around 104 famous personalities from around the world along with Dolly (the first cloned sheep).

    The link below will help you in identifying their names.


  3. hi, i stumbled across the artwork numbered 43 and was wondering if we could use it on the background of our web page.


    1. hey paul, m not sure artwork of which post u r talking about…still i must say the pics have been taken from internet only and are not owned by me. hope it clears out sth.

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