iPhone & its Killers

What is iPhone?

“The iPhone isn’t a technology–at least, not a new category of technology–but rather a platform that delivers a new operations model for mobile device consumers. iTunes and the iPhone App Store are services that simplify iPhone diversification to the point that it meets the needs of an incredible variety of users; from the biggest geeks to the technology illiterate. (OK, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the former dominated the latter.) The iPhone converges many technologies and capabilities under a single umbrella and changes the way in which people interact with their data and other people.The thing I love about my iPhone is that it’s not a piece of technology I think about but rather, it’s the way interact with it to get what I want done. It has its quirks, but it works…for millions of people.”
– Christofer Hoff

N8 vs. iPhone 3G

Samsung Wave vs. iPhone 4


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